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A crash course on the most important things you need to know about astrology.

What is astrology?

Learn what it is and isn't. Brief history included.

Planets + Signs

Wondering why you're sometimes not like your sign? That's because there's so much more than just your sun sign!


Learn about the Elements and their Qualities (fire/earth/air/water).


Learn about how soft and hard aspects add nuance to a birth chart.


Each chart is divided into 12 sections known as "houses." Find out which planet rules your chart.

"Soul's Blueprint"

Putting it all together, to understand why astrology's been called "the blueprint of the soul!"


"I love that it includes historical evidence and facts, in easy-to-read language!" -- @imeldagreens

Meet the lady behind Astro 101!

Jess is an astrologer and career strategist.

Through intuition and analysis, she guides others to deep self-knowing to create the life they desire.

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